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473ml P3 Cream

Size: 16 oz

Price per Unit (piece): $36.00

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Product Details

P3 was originally created for the veterinary market in the UK. It was developed to reduce inflammation in racing horses as well as mastitis in cows. The cows could not take oral anti-inflammatory medication, as it would end up in the milk, and they could not use topical cream that was oil or alcohol based. The cream was so successful that therapists began using the “Vet” cream on patients. P3 Products Ltd. now controls the right to this cream and have renamed it P3. The formula has also been changed, by increasing the amount of calendula (anti-inflammatory) and making the formula more appropriate for human use.

Selling Features:

Water based=no dry skin
Alcohol Free = no irritation
Calendula oil = Natural Anti-inflammatory from the Marigold Flower
Peppermint Scent = no strong “Gym” smell

Professional Uses:

Ultrasound – used as an ultrasound applicator (conductor)
Excellent for manual massage techniques – friction massage, scar release, trigger point release and pain reduction.
Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Athletic Therapy, Kinesiology, Fitness Industry, etc.


Sports Injuries (strains & sprains)
Arthritis – Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
Muscle tightness and soreness – Great for all ages

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Customer Reviews:

(Monday, 20 September 2010)

Rating: 5
I have used P3 to ease pain occasionally on my knee for osteoarthritis due to an old injury and found your product to work amazingly well and have
recommended it to a few friends. A few weeks ago I had a biking accident and broke my shoulder. I found it to be very painful, sometimes unbearable
even with prescribed pain relief medication, and so started using your P3 cream on my injury as well. This P3 cream is absolutely amazing, beyond
belief (relief) and I thank you!!! Virtually NO PAIN, and therefore no need for narcotics! I can actually sleep at night and have relief throughout
the day! I have been telling everyone and anyone I can about your product. Stuart

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