P3 Essentials Bundle 2.0 *UPDATED*

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NOTE: Winter temperatures can cause the Extra Strength P3 (Roll-On & Spray) to expand past the seal if left in sub-zero temps for too long. There is generally a loss of no more than 5mL if this happens. We cannot guarantee insulated/heated deliveries this time of year, so we bag all extra strength products in resealable freezer bags to minimize mess.


1x 237mL P3 Cream. Get more relief from P3's original natural pain relief cream.

1x 60mL Extra Strength Roll-On (cooling relief and help prevent injury while you're moving)

1x 120mL Calm by P3. 💜Our lavender scented version of the original P3 cream. 💜

1x 75mL Calm by P3. More lavender Calm.

VALUE: $107