Hardcore Holiday Athlete's Bundle

Hardcore Holiday Athlete's Bundle

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Who do you know who just keeps going? Who doesn't want to let aches and pains slow them down. The person who says, 'No pain, no gain!'. Maybe it's you.

Try our Hardcore Holiday Athlete's bundle to keep that person stocked up with what they need to keep going. 

Be completely prepared with this holiday gift bundle for that special person....or yourself!

What you get:

-1x 473mL Bottle of P3 to use for recovery and prep before getting busy with your sport or activity.

-1x 60mL Extra Strength P3 Roll On to target those spots that need a little extra relief

-1x75mL P3 tube to keep handy while you're out doing your thing.

-1x100mL Lemon Fresh Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel to knock that bacteria down and keep yourself healthy.


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